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Canberra Anti Slip Safety Flooring Treatment and Non Slip Floors Solutions

Are you based in Canberra? Are you looking for Non Slip Flooring Canberra? Hospitality Slip Resistant Safety Floors based in Canberra can help you with the best floor safety solutions. Flooring of all sorts should be safe and we offer you non slip and antiskid flooring for ensuring a safe working environment. Many commercial and industrial environments see the usage of mats, sheets, tiles and treads to protect the flooring. However, the floors provided by us feature the use of Anti Slip Tape Canberra, which can protect not just the floor, but you as well. Our floors are ideal for use in various settings like bathrooms, restaurant, kitchens, bar, clubs, stairs, ramps, schools, hotels and classrooms.

Non Slip Flooring Treatment Canberra – Why Should You Choose Us?

Non Slip Flooring Canberra

  • Our non slip flooring treatment and solutions feature epoxy coating. This can help you in commercial and industrial environments and protect public health.
  • Whether you have a bar, or a ramp, our treatment can help you in both cases. Our antiskid flooring is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, restaurant, bar, clubs, stairs, ramps, schools, hotels and classrooms.
  • With our Non Slip Flooring Canberra you are assured of waterproof materials and a cleaner look. Our anti slip tape ensures that you slip no more!
  • Apart from the anti slip tape, our vinyl products are resistant towards oil, resin, chemical, paint and wax.

Say goodbye to slippery ramp, sheets, treads mats, and tiles with our Anti Slip Tape Canberra. Protect your flooring with our oil, resin, chemical, paint, cleaner and wax resistant and waterproof vinyl flooring products. Slip no more thanks to our products with epoxy coating. Get in touch with us through your telephones on 1300 339 148 or write to us at

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