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Safety Floors Solutions Dee Why

We, at Hospitality Slip Resistant Safety Floors, aim to provide floor safety for workplaces, commercial kitchens, restaurants, homes, bars, clubs and hotels in Dee Why. Our experts offer floor safety ramps and tiles solutions for places which have slippery surfaces and where possibility of slips is high. We design latest epoxy coatings intended to make floors slip resistant by reducing friction with the tape floor surface even in the case of paint or wax spills. These coatings and cleaner mats are specially designed keeping in mind safety from slips, using a non slip mechanism to make the floor surfaces less slippery.


Anti Slip Flooring Dee Why Among other such techniques, we provide anti slip tiles coating on floor surfaces which avoids slips in floors and sensitive areas in places like kitchen. Our team also provides flooring treatment solutions for slip resistant floor for kitchen, and bar as well. For such places we employ water resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant coating. We develop different floor safety mechanisms considering the requirements for both outdoors as well as indoors. Our services include flooring treatment for the safety of commercial kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, and ramps by making use of water resistant coatings to avoid slippery bathroom slips. In terms of outdoors, we design coatings for ramp sand stair tape rails for different buildings in Australia.

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