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Anti Slip Flooring Solutions New Port

Hospitality Slip Resistant Safety Floors is a company specialising in floor safety solutions in New Port, Australia. We provide treatment for work places, schools, commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, clubs, home covering ideal flooring for slipping-prone areas like kitchen, bars, bathrooms, walk ways, laundry area, canteen, service station etc. Our company is known for latest epoxy cleaner mats and coatings which are designed to make floors slip resistant. Various coatings that we sell can be used for non-slip treatments which make the floors in work places and offices non slippery.


Non Slip Floor New Port We also have anti slip cleaner mats and coating which serves the purpose of avoiding slippery floors and surfaces in homes. As part of non slip treatment for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and clubs floors, we design slip resistant floor for kitchen, as well as bar in which we make use of water resistant, oil resistant coatings. Different floor safety mechanisms are developed keeping in mind both outdoors and indoors requirements.

Our experts also provide such services for the safety of bathroom flooring using water resistant coatings. We make coatings for non slippery ramps and stair rails for various work places in Australia. Our services also include making slip resistant tiles by use of specialized wax and paint in the epoxy coating. Apart from this, we use chemical resistant tape as well for that purpose.

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