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Anti-Slip Safety Flooring Treatment and Non Slip Floors Solutions from Sydney CBD

We at hospitality slip resistant safety floors know that accidents can occur in industries, offices or at your work place. Hospitality Slip Resistant Safety Floors is a credible company that offers floor safety solutions to keep you and your employees free of any potential accident.


Anti Slip Floors Sydney CBD Slip resistant mattress or frictional non slip cleaner mats floors are coated on the surface to avoid the probability of slipping. Readymade anti slip mattresses can also be installed depending on the area of the floor. If you have a restaurant, your work place’s pantry or even in home kitchen, you can use slip resistant floor for kitchen. These floors are friction proof. Even if there is some oil, paint or wax spill on the floor, your foot doesn’t lose its grip from the floor.

Our services include friction proof flooring treatment for commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals and clubs that can be given to your commercial kitchens, restaurants, bar, lounge, corridor etc. For bathrooms too, a water proof coating on tiles can be done. Such coatings are useful both indoors and outdoors. This could be applied to more stages and ramps to avoid slipping issues in front of the audiences. We now ship anywhere across Australia. We belong to Sydney CBD and remain dedicated towards providing quality anti slip tape solutions.

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